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 [Event] March Onto Dantooine Rebel Base

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MessageSujet: [Event] March Onto Dantooine Rebel Base   Mar 24 Nov 2009 - 14:37

Citation :
Date: 5th Decemeber 2009
Time: 9pm Uk Time (10pm Rest of Europe)

Mission Imperial: To Take and Hold Dantoonie's Rebel base
Mission Rebel: To Reinforce the Already weakend defenders.

Rebel Meet Up Point: Dantooine Argo Outpost
Imperial Meet Up: Endor Research Outpost

Reason for both of these is because both Entrance Points to Deep Space are located in that System.
Rebel Forces: Your Are Not allow to go stright to the Base you have to stay at Agro outpost and Load up onto a Transport or Fly Escort before Landing at the base.

Both Teams will Travel to Deep Space then they will Fly to a Waypoint that i'll upload later on and this will be the Hyper Outpoint.
Once at 500m from that point you can start your hyperspace jump to Dant Space

Requirement for Rebels: Please if you haven't done already get hold of the mission from Dant Station and get the ability to land at the base if not your gonna have trouble getting into the Rebel base because you will be having to fight your way in.

Space Rules:
No JSF - this rule will be carryed over from the normal Space pvp events, this is due to its very small hit box.
IR2 on Interceptors rule applys here.
No Attacking Imperial or Rebels at the Entrance points in deep space - 2k Limit should be good Enough.

I will apply the bomber rule in this event so the Gunboats and POBs can last longer.
Bombers are: TIE Bomber,TIE Oppressor, B-Wing, Y-Wing, Krayt, Rihkxyrk, KSE Firespray.
Interceptors will Fly Escort and do Scouting to find the Enemy Ships in Deepspace before they are able to jump to HyperSpace.

To Space forces please do not just hang around the hyperpoint, please fly around hunting the troop transports for your respected bombers to handle and fight off any interceptors doing the same as you.
Hyperpoint Waypoints: [WILL BE ADDED LATER]

Transports: 1 Group on Each Transport, these people will help defend the Ship by using the gunner spots, so please have some guns loaded for them to use
Each Guild can field there own Transport e.g Gunboat or POB - YT1300, Nova, Deci, YT2400(i think its this one), Y8.
but Max of 8 or 9 Players on Board - 1 Pilot is the 9th, unless he/she is in the group already.

Anyone fighting on the ground without a guild or a ship please feel free to contact me on any of my toons(Listed at the bottom) and we will get you on board a ship.

Rebels: IF your requiring assistance doing the Dant Station space mission again feel free to contact me on any toons(listed at the bottom) and i will help you get sorted.

If Transports are Destoryed 3 times in a Row, they have free passage to land safely on the planet - BUT they can't simply just be destoryed they have put up some sort of fight.
Same Rule Applys to the Fighter Pilots not use to space.

- Needing Help Just ask, there are many fantastic space pilots on our server and the community is always and i mean always willing to help anyone in need of getting there ship ready or needing some general information about space to help you get by -
The Spacepvpchat is where the pilots chat alot, not the pilot chat(Channel has been running for a fair few years now).


Ground: Defending/Attacking the Rebel Base

Imperial Forces: They will Land at the Imperial Outpost on Dantooine and then Shuttle to 2 of the 3 Camps that will be hopefully be placed.
- I'm Looking for Friendly Ents to be at these camps to buff the troops before they march in on the base, and Hopefully able to drop the camps down - (if needing camps please contact me and i'll be happy to give you a hand for the event.

The Imperials Can attack either Point A or B or Both, there many goal is the Point C which will stop Point D - forcing the Rebels to use the 3rd Camp(which again i hope a very friendly ent will be there to help a hand).

Rebel Forces: If your transport Pilot has access to the rebel base they you will be landing at that base(which is Point D on the Map)
You are to Defend the base for as long as you can, untill the Imperial Forces give up.
If the Rebel Forces lose the base, they will have to Land at Argo Outpost again and Shuttle to Camp 3(Will Give Waypoint Close to Time) and then fight to retake the base again.
With having to transport into Deepspace and then onto the ground this will most likely happen(If people follow the rules).

Point D: will become a NO LAND zone if you lose the base.

Defend Point C at all Costs.

Map of the Base:

I understand that there are many walls at this place and PEOPLE will be tempted to use them like at restuss.
Please keep the wall hugging to the lowest.

Point A and B: Imperials/Rebels will be forced into fighting at these points to protect Point C and D.
The Attacking force will have fight there way down the long paths which has walls either side, which will make it harder to protect ones self.
Point C: Is the Main Place to Capture, the Defending Force must protect this at all costs, untill 1 side gives up or 2hrs have passed.
Point D: Rebel Spawn in Point Untill base is taken.
I'm Not sure if an Imperial can land at the Rebel base but i'll have to check and find out, unless someone already knows this information.

Ground Rules:
Keep the Wall Hugging down to the lowest please, anyone seen taking advantage of these walls, please screenshot and report - don't even think twice about reporting them just do it - i will be keeping an Eye out myself.
Lag Macros - I Understand people from bothsides have started making Lag Macros please if you use one DON'T use in this event, we need to keep the lag down as much as we can. AGAIN i know its hard to spot but if i suspect anyone using one or get mass telled to death about 1 person again i'll not think twice about reporting.

Please if you can bind at your start points so if your can't get Rez by a Medic, please spawn at that point and board the next troop transport or take your fighter and do the track again.
3 Deaths in space will give you free passage for 1 death on the ground - basicly you die 3 times trying the run in deepspace, you will get free passage to land on Dant and fight but must redo the circut again.

Please if Imperials have the base, don't kill any rebels that spawn at Point D by mistake(Only if they attack you first).
Please Rebels Don't Land at the base if Imperials have it - both sides have trigger happy people that will kill ya no matter what rule they read.

The Ground side may be abit slow at first as troops get passed in Deep Space but please keep tight before going Rambo on the base
30mins into the Event Imperials can start moving onto the base to take it.
Please Imperials after this 30mins have passed and no rebels are at the base please contact me or any of the people that i hope will help me, to let us know that you have taken it, so i can warn those about to land.

Entertainers: Any Ents willing to help out with the Camps and help with buffing of the Troops on the ground are most welcome to contact me.

Will Require 1 Ent at Dant Agro Outpost for the rebels at the start as they will be landing at a place that doesn't support more than 1hr of ent buffs.(not really checked but i'm guessing)

Medics: Keep your Troops alive, the more that are on the ground the easyer it is to take or defend the base. If your troops fall and you can't rez them, they have to start the track again.

Spys: Are Limited to Scouting the Enemy Spots untill the main fight starts then they have to join there respected Side.(will anger some but not all people).

D'a, A'media, Leg'less - Main toons i use.

Looking for the Following:
Point of Contact for the Imperial Troops:
Point of Contact for the Imperial Space Side of things:

These people will be a point of contact for your side, which will help me get the rebel side sorted.

Please Follow the Rules and we will have loads of PVP in Space and on the Ground.
Anything you think i need to clear up please feel free to post here and i'll explain anything in more detail if needed.

Please Guild Leaders forward this Event to your Respect members and anyone esle you know so we can get the Max out of this event.

Thanks and May the Arse wooping be with ya!


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MessageSujet: Re: [Event] March Onto Dantooine Rebel Base   Mar 24 Nov 2009 - 16:24

Vu mais pas sur d'être la car sortie IRL probable ce jour (c'est ma fête)


Kill them all, let Medic sort them out - Larme forever

Je suis trop vieux pour ces conneries!
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MessageSujet: Re: [Event] March Onto Dantooine Rebel Base   Mar 24 Nov 2009 - 17:20

Me too.
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MessageSujet: Re: [Event] March Onto Dantooine Rebel Base   Mar 1 Déc 2009 - 0:19

Moi je serait probablement là, disponible en tant que gunner pour le space. Pour la partie Terre, je ne sais pas si je participerait activement. Le lvl ne sera probablement pas à mon niveau je suppose. Very Happy
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MessageSujet: Re: [Event] March Onto Dantooine Rebel Base   Mar 1 Déc 2009 - 8:24

présent !
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MessageSujet: Re: [Event] March Onto Dantooine Rebel Base   Mer 2 Déc 2009 - 9:31

on a commencé à préparer cet event coté DSIN.
J'ai accepté l'offre de voldragon de rebosser ensemble sur cet event, pour l'occasion je lui ai rouvert notre forum, je sais que ça ne plaira pas à tout le monde mais c'est comme ça.
Pour ce qui est des POBs, ils seront les transports de troupes... chaque groupe dans un POB, on compte bien les voir se débrouiller avec leurs transports, de manière à ce qu'on puisse se concentrer sur l'escorte, ce qui représentera un sacré boulot déjà.

dsin pilot's corner (pour ceux qui y ont accès.
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MessageSujet: Re: [Event] March Onto Dantooine Rebel Base   

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[Event] March Onto Dantooine Rebel Base
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